I’m just trying to make it out here. I started 415vince.com when I was in high school and since then, it’s gone through numerous changes that are reflective of how I have progressed as an individual. I still believe many of the same things I used to, although it’s since been refined. I love photography, I love people, and I love seeing where that intersection will lead me. I operate on both spectrums: the people side and the photography side, but I always make sure they come together in the end. This site, 1ft.in, was created not only for people to explore, but also as a place that I can look back to and be continually inspired. This is where all my analog photos go and I hope this project will continue on for a while. Put one foot in, folks. You never know.


  • I like to think, write, and read because I’m all about the free mind.
  • I can’t paint, but photography and videography are my passions.
  • I believe we need to, most importantly, learn how to learn.
  • Being your own person is the only thing you can be.
  • Fluidity is my metaphor for everything.
  • Similes, metaphors, symbols, and analogies are like coffee.
  • Oh, coffee. How can I forget coffee. Love that stuff.

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  1. Graham Vongsy
    Graham Vongsy · August 17, 2015 at 14:36:45 ·

    When people ask what equipment I use – I tell them my eyes

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